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Admission Procedures for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework Courses

Policy ID: 3318

This document sets information on admission procedures relating to roles and responsibilities; deferment of offers of place; and admission arrangements for excluded students and underage students.  The document includes attached schedules which set out the various measures that will be used to assess an applicant's likelihood of success in completing a chosen course.

First Publication Date: 30/08/2013
Status: Archived
Latest Revision Date:
Authority Source: Academic Board Meeting 2013/4, 15 July 2013 (amended 2014/6 & 2015/2)
Authority Date: 15/07/2013
Review date: 15/07/2016
Custodian: Director, Student Administration
Contact: Manager, Admissions Office, Student and Academic Services
Human Rights Act: In developing this policy the University had regard to the provisions of section 40B(1)(b) of the Human Rights Act 2004 (ACT).
Accessibility: Public

In 2013 the Admission Policy was revised to comprise a concise statement of principles.  Procedural and explanatory information and the schedules relating to such matters as entry ranks, Equivalent graduate Status, pathways, and English proficiency previously included in the pre-2013 revised policy have now been incorporated into a seperate Admission Procedures document.

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Admission Policy for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework Courses

This policy was superseded on 28 August 2015 with the Admissions Policy and Procedures.

Parent Category: Archived Policies
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